When Do Apostles Launch?

Mint Date

Apostles will launch on October 31st.

How Do I Redeem an Apostle?


You'll need a BYOKEY and a BYOPill to redeem your Apostle. 1 Key + 1 Pill = 1 Apostle. Apostles are reserved for BYOKEY holders ONLY.

BYOKEY: https://opensea.io/collection/byokey
BYOPills: https://opensea.io/collection/byopills

Once you redeem your Apostle, your BYOKEY is burned and your BYOPill stays intact. However, your pill will be marked as “claimed” meaning no one can use the same pill to redeem an Apostle. We will have a pill tracker system released prior to launch to keep track of which BYOPills have been “claimed”.

How Do My BYOPills Affect My Apostle Mint?

Pill Effects

Your BYOPills' aesthetic traits and trip effects / levels will play a role in increasing your chances of minting certain types of Apostles:

When you use an Access Key + BYOPill with high number of trips effects and/or high trip levels, your chances of getting a Psychonaut increases. After all, Psychonauts are always seeking the strongest and most intense trips.

When you use an Access Key + BYOPill that has rare physical traits, such as ingredients and pill tops, your chances of getting an Ancient increases. Ancients are wise and have been through it all, they only seek to consume the rarest pill attributes.

When you use an Access Key + BYOPill that has rare physical traits AND high # of trip effects and/or trip levels, you will get higher chances of minting a Goddess.

How Long Is The Mint Window?

Mint Duration